About us

Göta Canal's best cup of coffee!

We who run Café Visthuset are called David och Adrian. The café itself came to be when we one day started talking about what we could do in that abandoned house down by Göta kanal. It had been standing empty and abandoned for as long as we could remember. After some planning we could not let go of the idea of renovating the house and run a café there in the summer.

Many friends helped us with the hard work and many Töreboda residents encouraged us and told os their memories from and around the house. We realised that this was a place where people had always met, talked, shared ideas and socialised.

Now it is again a place where people from near and far come together for a Swedish fika (coffee and cake) or an ice-cream. We strongly believe in a sustainable future, that is why we want to serve organic and Fairtrade food. We also like our farmers and food artisans in the area, the region of Skaraborg. Therefore we like to have tasty local food on our menu.

In the Café you can also rent a bike for a ride along the Göta Canal. It is easy to travel climate-friendly to us by train to Töreboda station from Stockholm or Göteborg. That makes Café Visthuset to the perfect starting point for your Göta Canal travels.

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The big restoration

A ’visthus’ was formerly a place to store food on your farm, a kind of pantry. Our house used to be more of a backyard, also, food has been stored here since the beginning. The house is one of the oldest in Töreboda and has been used as slaughter house, bakery and shop.

When we bought the house in 2010, many thought that the house should be torn down. But since the the house was protected it could not be torn down. Neither could the outside be changed. Thus the house had been falling apart since the 1960s.

Under the big restoration work we had to remake everything within the house, we even had to lift the entire building 20cm! During the process we wanted to conserve the old feeling in the house and at the same time use as much environmentally friendly materials as possible. Thus, there is no plastic in the construction, we isolated with cellulose and used beautiful environmentally friendly paint on the walls.

The history of the house

It is not exactly known when the house is build, but we can see on the different construction styles that the house has been built and rebuilt at different times. The oldest parts are likely from the 1890s and was a very simple apartment. Since then pieces of the house have been added and removed.

During the beginning of the 1900s until 1964 the house was used as a slaughter house. Three different butchers worked here. First the old butcher Johannes, then Willerström and lastly Nisse Blom. Here they smoked ham and made sausages, the old ovens are still here to see.

There are lots more to tell about the house and the people living around here, we are happy to tell you more when you are here!